Yoga Night at the Museum

Happy Spring! If you didn’t know already, Thursday was the official start of Spring, and like seasons past I like to ring in the new solstice with some epic yoga. Many yoga groups and schools around the world hold open events to the public during the Spring and Summer solstices especially. Mine just happened to hold it in an art museum this year! The only event that could possibly top this experience would be going to New York for Solstice in Times Square this summer. I didn’t get to go last year, but hopefully I’ll be able to make it there on June 21st. (Two hippie) fingers crossed!

Solstice in Times Square 2013
Solstice in Times Square 2013

Thursday’s event was held in the Chie Fueki art exhibit and the room was a buzz with 125 chattering yogis, newcomers and old awaiting for the class to start. The size of the room was massive, but even then a few latecomers had to trickle into the back galleries just to get a spot. My friend who I was just introducing to yoga for the first time arrived 30 minutes before I had. I spotted her from across the gallery and tiptoed across the room, or rather pranced my way over yoga mats and sprawled out legs. She had managed to save me a spot against the outer wall on the left side, right by some very expensive hanging artwork. At one point during our yoga practice I nearly lost my balance and swiped my arm by a painting to regain my balance. Luckily Calvin, one of the co-founders of the yoga school who was leading our session quickly came to my aide before I could take down the wall and possibly ruin thousands of dollars in artwork. At that point I would’ve rather sacrificed myself to the floor and fell flat on my face than be responsible for ruining a Chie Fueki masterpiece.


 Theresa, the other co-founder of the yoga school was off on the opposite side of the room DJ-ing the event. Yes DJ-ing. Yoga. The whole DJ setup would’ve made you think we were getting ready to have a swanky art gala party, but instead our champagne flutes were replaced with water bottle jugs, and we went sans on the heels and dress shoes and opted for barefeet. Theresa played soft instrumental tunes to set the ambiance of the room, the lights were slightly dimmed, and we started off with Liquid Fire Yoga. Liquid Fire Yoga is nothing more than generating constant heat in the body by using deep breathing techniques throughout the course of our movements. If ever a pose becomes to strenuous to hold, turning on the breath, as Calvin likes to say, can help anchor and steady the pose.

DJ booth in the corner and our yoga instructors

The great thing about yoga is not does it only allow you to reflect, but it also helps gage what parts of your body are tense and what areas are fluid. Yoga allows you to listen to your body and lets you remedy what needs work. If you sit at a desk all day, maybe you’ll find there is tension in your neck and shoulders, or your hips are tight when you attempt to go into a pose and find you can’t stretch as far as the person in front of you. These are all things that can be stretched out over time to make you more flexible. Maybe I’ll never be able to get into a full split, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try. Some day I’ll get there, hopefully before my hips need replacing from old age, but fingers crossed yoga will prevent me from ever having metal ball sockets.

If you’re interested in participating in a solstice yoga class check out schools or events in your local community, or if you’re deciding to do Solstice in Times Square on June 21st visit their page and comment below. I’m planning on having a blogger meet up.

Also don’t forget, I’m doing monthly Blogger Spotlights. Here’s the March Blogger Spotlight, rules are in the post on how you can be featured, or if you’d like to nominate a great blog be sure to share the post with your friends. Til then..

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