Bliss: Surprising My Parents

Happy June all! I had been taking a break from my regular blogging posts last month to refocus my attention to some exciting new projects and one of them was throwing together a surprise 30th Anniversary party for my parents. My brother and I were too young at the time of their 25th Anniversary to put something together so we figured 30 years was a great milestone to show our parents how much we really appreciate them.

Let me first say the amount of stress I endured from trying to keep this all a secret from my mom who is the biggest detective in the world was no easy feat. The 30th Anniversary theme was pearls so we decked the party in white, ivory, and pearls and made it a ‘White Attire Party’. Oh yea, that was another challenge, getting my parents to wear all white to their own party. We told them it was a white dinner party at a family-friend’s house and that the party started at 8pm when really it was 7pm. The strings I had to pull and having my brother come in from out of town to surprise our parents were all worth it in the end to see the joy on their faces.

So this is all for you Mom and Dad, thanks for showing us what selfless love really is, not the easy fairy tales, but true working love. Happy 30 and beyond!

Candid moment when they walked through the door
Candid moment when they walked through the door

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Setting off Sky Lanterns for Well Wishes
Setting off Sky Lanterns for Well Wishes


NYC, 1984
NYC, 1984


31 Replies to “Bliss: Surprising My Parents”

  1. Wow Rakhi, the two of you really put together a memorable moment. All the warm smile and love anf joy were felt right through the screen in your photos. Thank you for sharing.

  2. awe that made me feel happily teary that was so lovely of you and what amazing pictures, really emotional and treasures to keep forever, thank you so much for sharing that wonderful personal bit of your life xx

  3. Love the post, that is such a wonderful thing you and your brother did for your parents! Beautiful photos! :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by to leave the wonderful comment, I really appreciate it. By the way your cherry pie recipe…I couldn’t stop staring and had to exit out the browser completely. It really was sinfully tempting.

      1. Thank you! That pie lasted a whole hour in my house with the three of us. Guess I’ll be making another soon! :P

  4. How wonderful, Rakhi! That was very touching, what you and your brother did. You both are loving and thoughtful children, which is really a reflection of how well your parents raise you. Congratulations to your mom & dad! XOXO

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