Setbacks and New Beginnings


This announcement has been a long time coming and I’ve been putting it off like paying off a sad parking ticket, but I’ve decided to put Little Bliss Nutrition on hiatus. As of last month I’m finally back in school, pursuing my passion — food and holistic health! This is only a minor setback, but I’ll be back, and hopefully as a professional Registered Dietitian.

The end goal seems miles away, but no matter how exhausting this process, the next few years will come and go whether I start or not.

When I started this blog about a year and a half ago, I was coming out of a transition place in my life. I had plans to pursue my graduate studies when I became extremely ill and had to stop. At first it was really hard watching my friends get ahead while I was taking a step backwards. But it’s a funny thing how things turn out. Getting sick lead me to seeking the help of a Dietitian/Nutritionist, which lead me to sharing my experience and ideas on this blog, which now has lead me to changing my career plans to holistic health.

I have plans of where I’d like to take my writing and cooking on this blog, but for now I’m taking time off to focus on school and work. I’ll be posting short thingamajigs to my blog Facebook page. You can follow there or enter your email in the side bar to get notified when I return. Until then, thanks for all your support, and as always..

17 Replies to “Setbacks and New Beginnings”

  1. Hi Rakhi, how have you been? We haven’t spoken in a while. It’s good to hear that you are going to graduate school to pursue holistic nutrition because it is also what I do and I love it! I decided to visit your blog again because I was craving your amazing oat crepes recipe. Can I just tell you that you look so beautiful in those pictures?! (Where did you get that dress?)

    Anyway, we are so happy for you and wish you well on your new chapter of life. Don’t worry about who’s getting ahead of you. What’s more important is finding and chasing after your passion and succeeding the best you can. Let’s connect on Facebook sometime.

    Jinny (Bryan & Jinny)

    1. Hi Jinny! So good to hear from you, and thank you for that, you’re so sweet! Hope you and Bryan are doing well…and enjoying the crepes :) You know where to find me on FB! Talk to you soon xx

  2. Such a sad thing to have you go on a hiatus, but very cool that you have this passion for something so positive and are going to pursue it ~ and it will make the reunion when you return that much sweeter :-) Also, those photos of you are simply stunning…stunning :-)

    1. You used stunning TWICE in one sentence?! I think I might faint lol…coming from a skilled photographer like you thank you! I give most of the credit to my photographer, I just played the DP and subject :) I’ll try not to be gone too long. Leave your instagram name if you have one and I’ll be sure to follow your posts!

      1. Ha, ha…yes, in this case stunning x2 was warranted :-) I do not have instagram yet and not sure if I ever will (I suppose its my rebellious nature…and purist photographic heart). Cheers and wish you the best Rakhi ~

        1. Or you could transfer your great pictures from your computer to your phone and post them to Instagram that way. Let the world see your talent on every medium possible. If you do decide to get one, I’ll be the first to follow, no pressure ;)

    1. Aw thank you! I’ll try not to be gone too long;) By the way have you publicized your instagram(if you have one) yet? I’ll follow you there so we don’t miss each other:)

  3. We will miss you! But you have to do what’s best for you and go with your intuition. Hopefully you’ll be back when you have more time to blog.

    Good luck with all your endeavors! Beautiful photos, too. :)

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