Spring Allergy Remedies

spring allergy remedies

Every spring I swear my allergies will be the death of me and by the end of it I’m wishing there was something that could just put me out of my misery.


I’ve probably tried almost every over-the-counter and prescribed treatment there is over the years, and most only worked temporarily, but that’s probably because I’m a medical anomaly. My allergist once told me I was her second-most allergic patient she had in her clinic. The person who had me beat was allergic to the sun I believe. Over-the-counter medications only help for so long before you realize you have to get to the root of the problem and that can only be done by building up your immune system. So rather than go through the agony of another spring stuck in a bubble, I found ways to support my immune system and reduce my symptoms.

*The all-natural method ,took 2 weeks for me to see results.. For immediate relief, you can chose to take OTC in the meantime while trying the natural methods to give your immune system a chance to strengthen.

My Natural Regimen:

  • Steam my face with Eucalyptus essential oils (2-3 times a week, or as needed)
  • Use a Neti Pot (as needed until congestion subsides, not more than once a day)
  • Take Florajen 3 Probiotics (once daily on an empty stomach, either in the morning or at bed time)
  • Take Zinc supplements (once daily with a hardy meal, normally during lunch or dinner; you will feel nauseous otherwise)
  • Drink Organic Green Tea w/ Tulsi (1 cup daily, no sugar as it makes inflammation worse, just stevia or honey, helps alleviate an itchy throat)


  • Dymista nasal spray (take sporadically only if absolutely needed for heavy congestion or a sinus infection)


Take a deep mixing bowl and fill halfway with boiling hot water


Add 3 drops of Eucalyptus essential oil


Tent your head over the bowl with a towel for 7-10 minutes breathing deeply.


Neti Pot

  • Fill Neti Pot with warm water half way and add a teaspoon of salt to make the saline solution
  • Bend head forward and tilt to the side over a sink and pour through one nostril and let gravity do its work
  • Refill the pot and repeat on the other nostril



What it does: Maintains intestinal health naturally and restores floral balance that are often disrupted by antibiotics and other medications

How to take it: Take 1 capsule daily preferably on an empty stomach. Refrigeration recommended.

Where to find it
: Refrigerated behind the counter at pharmacies or some health food stores.

I’ve tried a few probiotics in the past, and Florajen 3 is one that my doctor recommended. Many probiotic supplements out on the are ineffective because they may not be regulated properly. Florajen 3  is typically one that health care professionals support.



  • Supports immune system, promotes, healthy skin, nails, hair, taste, vision.
  • Zinc Citrate helps promote the most optimal absorption. I’ve been seeing good results with these.
  • Most vitamin companies make their capsules from Soy, preservatives & sugar (WTF?!) If these are not an issue for you, you can feel free to buy any brand. I’m highly allergic to Soy so I buy my vitamins from Solgar at my health foods store.


Dymista nasal spray

I normally take prescribed medications only as a last resort. After years of being on antibiotics, multiple therapies, and steroid treatments, my immune system weakened and I’m pretty sure it’s what wiped out my immune system in the first place and why my food allergies got worse GRR. But anywhoozles. My sinuses were very congested to the point where even the Neti Pot wasn’t working. It turned out that I had a mild sinus infection for which my doctor wanted to prescribe me antibiotics and allergy steroids and I told her NO, let’s try something that doesn’t involve that based on my previous experience. So we compromised, and she prescribed me  Dymista, which is a new nasal spray out on the market. It does have steroids in it to reduce inflammation, but because it is localized only to the sinuses and not an oral tablet I was ok with it. I only needed to take it 3 times and am now back on my natural remedies.


Other Allergy Tips

  • Shower at night to wash off residual pollen from getting into your bed sheets
  • Stay hydrated by drinking more water to restore moisture lost through the mucous membranes

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6 Replies to “Spring Allergy Remedies”

  1. Thanks Rakhi for these very helpful tips! Every year my sinuses seem to be getting worse and worse when spring is here, so I will definitely be trying these natural remedies out!

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