Really That’s How Raspberries Actually Taste?


I’ve never been the type to hop on a health craze bandwagon, organics included. As long as I know something is as natural as possible without being too genetically modified then I’ll buy it. You can’t even trust labels nowadays, everything is a dupe. I picked up some organic raspberries for the first time to have in my daily morning oatmeal and honestly I didn’t know raspberries could taste so—good! I’ve always liked raspberries, but organic raspberries are taste like another breed. Well, I guess they technically are. They’re firm, not mushy, have a great subtle sweetness to them rather than being too tart. It’s safe to say, I don’t think I’ll be going back to ‘regular’ raspberries anytime soon. Makes me wonder, what else have I been eating that’s not suppose to taste how I’m used to it tasting.

Happy Monday!

More Fats For Breakfast..Is Good For You?

So you want to build muscle and burn fat. Ok, so eat less fat right? Wrong. Just like you need carbs for fuel, you need fat for energy as well. Breakfast sets the tone for the rest of your day, and this is usually how I start mine along with a protein green juice on the go.

Two Medium Hashed Potatoes, Four Eggs, 1 Cup of Gluten Free Oatmeal, 1/4 Cup of Almonds, Fruit

A Skinny Person’s Lament

I’m probably about 10 lbs lighter now than I was a few years ago, and my weight took even more of a nose dive when I started eating strictly clean to the point where I had to stop working out because I was afraid I was going to look like a 12 year-old. No offense to 12 year-olds. If your goal is to lose weight, this is probably an ideal scenario for you. For me not so much. Mind you I have a pretty fast metabolism and an autoimmune disease,  gaining weight, especially trying to gain muscle weight is hard when eating a clean low-fat diet all the time. Food allergies are a curse and a blessing sometimes. Sigh.

Feed Me

So where is all that weight going to come from to make my gains? More calories and FAT for breakfast! I make sure my fats come in the right form of course, ex: almonds, flax seeds, fish, olive oil, avocados, and eggs. Binge eating on sugary, saturated foods like junk food is never the way to go. This  site goes into more detail here under Don’t Forget The Fat .


On the go

I think I hit the snooze button 5 times on my alarm this morning, so I was running a little late. But really, when have I not been a little behind the clock lately. It’s come to the point where I just leave my oatmeal, toppings, dried fruit, and breakfast bowl at work. I grabbed my green juice from the fridge that I made the night before, and a crate of raspberries to munch on with a sprinkle of stevia. It’s the only way I’ll keep myself from visiting the vending machine during this detox when I’m a morning hungry bear.

Raspberries & Stevia

Day 1 Breakfast: Gluten-Free Oatmeal

I never got turned onto oatmeal as a kid. I absolutely hated the texture and the blandness. All I wanted was my sugary cereals for breakfast. Growing up does a funny thing to your taste buds though. I actually like oatmeal now. The nice thing about it is, you can add whatever you want to create a different taste. Maple syrup, cinnamon, and apples; honey and strawberries, raisins you name it. I like to skip the instant oatmeal because it normally has some other added ingredients that I find hard to pronounce so I stay away. I like to get organic rolled oats. Any brand will do. I switch between Trader Joe’s and Bob’s Red Mill.

How to cook rolled oats:

I usually fill 1/3 of my bowl with the rolled oats and pour in boiling hot water to where it just barely covers the top of the oats. DON’T pop in the microwave like you do with instant oatmeal. These oats expand and will get all over your microwave.

After the oats have cooked, remove the plate/cover and add your choice of sweetener and whatever else you want. I’m staying away from sugar during detoxing so I like to add in Stevia. For this morning’s breakfast I added ground flax seeds loaded with omega-3s and fiber to keep me full, cinnamon, cacao nibs, blueberries, cranberries, and strawberries.


Health Motivation Tips For Success

if you focus on results you'll never change if you focus on change you'll get results littleblissbook quotes life
if you focus on results you'll never change if you focus on change you'll get results littleblissbook quotes life
Whether this is your first time going on a cleanse/diet or your nth time, motivation is key to keeping yourself on track with any type of diet or fitness goal.

Here are some sure-fire tips I used when I went on my own personal elimination diet:

Go public!

Share your journey by telling your family, your neighbors, your coworkers, and your friends. It shows accountability. If Susie at work knows you’re going on a health cleanse, but sees you stuffing your face with a handful of fries at lunch you’ll look less credible. We tend to break the promises we make for ourselves, but when we know another pair of eyes are watching us we’ll most likely stick to our goals. It may seem scary at first, coming out so openly, but you’ll be surprised with how many people will actually cheer you on in full support. So forget about the judgement. If anything, you might just inspire someone to start their own detox or fitness journey and they’ll be the ones coming to you for advice.

Use social media

Share your fitness pictures or recipe ideas. Just be careful not to spam your friends’ Facebook walls everyday. In this case I would use Facebook sparingly, and use a blog, or Instagram to document everything. These platforms are great for documenting lifestyle changes because they’re niche-specific. If you don’t feel like you have the time to blog, definitely go with Instagram. Don’t underestimate the value of a good hashtag. They’ll help direct you to the categories you’re interested in, and lead you to connect with other like-minded people that can inspire you. I suggest using or searching tags like #fitness #cleaneating #healthy #recipe.

Trust the process

Expect that there will be setbacks. There will be days when you don’t see progress, and you’ll feel like giving up, but that’s when you need to push through it the most because after that hump you’ll see the results. Once you start to see the progress, you’ll feel too good to go back to feeling bad again. If you fall off the wagon, it doesn’t mean it’s over. Start where you left off the next day. I mention this in Making time for a Detox:

It took me nearly 3 months to get myself ready to fully commit … One week I would cut down on my sugar and wheat intake, and the next week I would see a piece of strawberry shortcake beckoning my name and I would cave…The following week when I felt like I was ready, I would start up again and this time I would try to cut out a said food for 2 weeks. I did this on-and-off-again for the next 3 months, gradually increasing from 2 weeks to 3 to 4, etc. until I felt like the changes I had made would allow me to fully commit…

Stop counting

Leave that to your accountant. No more counting calories. As long as you’re keeping your processed foods to a minimum and have less than 30 grams of added sugar a day, you really can eat all the healthy food you want.


Write down what you’re eating. If you’re at work, fill in your calendar while you’re on a break. At school? Jot it down in your planner if your teacher’s putting you to sleep. If you’re always on your phone, there’s apps like MyPlate among others that help track what you’re eating, and even breakdown the ratio to carbs, fat, and protein you are consuming.

Most importantly stay positive and enjoy the process. Have fun with creating new meals and recipes that you would never pair together before. You don’t have to be a great cook…I know starting off I certainly wasn’t. I could get by with the basics, but I had no clue until I started to really get dirty in the kitchen of how I could play with different flavors. Good luck and as always…

It’s Baacck…

Pumpkin Spiced Latte & Van’s Gluten-Free Cranberry Almond Snack Bar…yes the barista misspelled my name

It’s finally September, and September means Fall, and Fall means it’s Pumpkin Spiced Latte season at Starbucks. I like to treat myself to coffee once a week and this week it was a no-brainer what my choice would be. Even when you’re trying to eat clean there are a few things you can do to make your coffee-going experience a little healthier. As you probably know, coffee in moderation is actually good for you, but it’s all that added sugar, syrups, and creamer that can make it bad, so here are my tips:

Smaller is better

Go for the smallest size your café has to offer. I usually get a Tall at Starbucks

Take it down a notch

If you’re getting a specialty drink like I did, ask for half the pumps of flavored syrup. A Tall at Starbucks usually consists of 3 pumps of Pumpkin flavored syrup so I ask for 1.5

Swap it out

Instead of sugar ask if your barista can replace your sweetener with natural Stevia. If they don’t have Stevia, bring your own to add in

If you’re having an espresso or latte, ask for steamed 2% milk so it’s less calories, and if you’re just having regular coffee, I suggest a splash of half and half…none of that flavored creamer gunk that’s so heavily processed.

Happy FALL!

Dining Out and Eating Clean

I love breakfast. I love food in general, but I especially love breakfast. So what’s a newly-almost-paleo-breakfast-lover to do when the café barista hands you a menu that’s not gluten or wheat-free? Or when you see those hot glazed, flaky apple tarts glistening up at you through the glass showcase saying ‘remember me, you used to think I was so tasty’? Y̶o̶u̶ ̶c̶r̶y̶. No you stay strong, take a breath. You might have said farewell to your former breakfast life of café waffles and buttery croissants, but there’s a whole new breakfast world to explore.

Plan ahead. There’s a lot of great places that now cater to people with diet restrictions and to make dining out a little easier, Adam Bryan of Gluten Free Guide HQ helps you find those places with his menu guide.

If you didn’t plan ahead like I didn’t this morning, and stop by a place on the whim that doesn’t have those options, don’t be afraid to ask the staff if they can customize something for you. Most places will be happy to oblige. It’s your health, kudos for you on being proactive. Oh and that breakfast Fritata pictured above, it was bomb! Thanks Cozee Cafe <3 

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How to keep your fruits fresh and make your food last longer

little bliss book fruits strawberries

Wash Your Produce

I know it can be easy to skip this step, especially when you’re buying pre-washed salads or organic, but all sorts of residue can still be left on the surface. I usually like to give a quick soak to my fruits and veggies in a 1:4 vinegar-to-water solution. I like using Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar. After I’m done soaking for a minute, I’ll place the produce in a colander and run it under some cool water to strain off the left over vinegar and it’s ready to eat. My food has never tasted more crisper, just try it!

If you want to do this in batches and store in the fridge for future use you can do that as well. Just dump onto a dish towel to wipe off the excess water and dry off before storing in a sealed container. You would think the vinegar would somehow ‘spoil’ or make the food go bad faster, but I’ve found my fruits, especially the strawberries which can go bad quickly have lasted longer by using this method.

Freeze your Food

This is kind of a no brainer. But if you’re buying organic, which can go bad faster since it’s not loaded with preservatives try freezing your fruits and veggies. It’s especially great if you’re making smoothies or juices say in autumn when blueberries are out of season. You can go to your freezer and pull out those berries you froze from over the summer!

This tip also goes for pasta sauces. Did you know that pasta sauce has a shelf life of only 1 week after you’ve opened it, regardless of the expiration date? If you cook for yourself or just one other person a lot of times you’ll find you have some leftover sauce and it’s easy to leave it in the fridge and forget about it until the next time you decide to use it again. Pasta sauce can safely be left in the freezer for up to 3 months .


Nuts like almonds are great to put in the fridge. I like putting my homemade almond flour in the fridge so it doesn’t go rancid and stays fresh for months!

Dehydrate your Food

This is a method that not too many people know about but if you’ve ever had dried fruit or turkey jerky then you’ve eaten dehydrated food. Dehydrating food is great if you live in colder climates and you want to cure fruits for example and have them on the go or put in your morning oatmeal or cereal. Excalibur has a great line of food dehydrators, but it can be pricey, but I know raw foodies swear by it. You can find cheaper food dehydrators though at garage sales, thrift stores, or ebay. And if you’re really in the DIY mood, you can make your own by using the good ole’ sun and building a solar box.

Happy healthy eating, and as always…


How to start a ‘Detox’ : The Basics

Remember all those years ago when Cover of you were a teenager and all the grown ups said they envied you because you could eat whatever you wanted and not have it affect you? Well fast forward a couple years, the sand glass is running out and you’re probably starting to realize you can’t eat the way you used to anymore either. You’ve lost that spring in your step, you’re constantly tired, or sluggish, your allergies seem to be getting worse every season, bloating after a meal is a common nuisance, you’re not satisfied with your body as much as you’d like, and your skin is showing signs of gulp AGING! What is HAPPENING?! Years of bad eating habits is what is happening. For me, college happened. Late nights spent guzzling down energy drinks and cups of coffee, 4th meals at Taco Bell, eating out more than cooking in, tailgating every weekend during football season, and way too much ramen.

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