Yoga Night at the Museum

Happy Spring! If you didn’t know already, Thursday was the official start of Spring, and like seasons past I like to ring in the new solstice with some epic yoga. Many yoga groups and schools around the world hold open events to the public during the Spring and Summer solstices especially. Mine just happened to hold it in an art museum this year! The only event that could possibly top this experience would be going to New York for Solstice in Times Square this summer. I didn’t get to go last year, but hopefully I’ll be able to make it there on June 21st. (Two hippie) fingers crossed!

Solstice in Times Square 2013
Solstice in Times Square 2013

Thursday’s event was held in the Chie Fueki art exhibit and the room was a buzz with 125 chattering yogis, newcomers and old awaiting for Continue reading “Yoga Night at the Museum”

Summer Solstice and Small Steps


Happy first week of summer! Boy is it a hot one. It’s time to officially break out the bathing suits and flip-flops (if you don’t already live in a tropical environment) and go sans on the rain boots. If you’re still working on getting your beach body it’s not too late. Summer is a great time to start back up on those resolutions you made back in January, remember those? Just think of the Summer Solstice as your New Year’s Resolutions 2.0.

I’ve decided to jump start my fitness by ringing in the Summer Solstice as many in New York City’s Times Square did this past weekend by doing 108 Sun Salutations. That’s 108 push-ups, 108 namaskarams, 108 upward-facing dogs, 108 downward-facing dogs, and warrior ones in 2 hours. Before my detox thanks to my joints, I could barely get past 25. So initially, I was probably a little crazy for thinking I could do 108, but I’ve always liked a good challenge. Surprisingly I got through the first 60 without needing to take a break and in total I finished about 90 with the rest of my yogi peers. I may have been about 18 short of the 108, but it was still 65 more than I could’ve done 2 months ago.

 Baby steps. That’s all it is. Whatever your goals are for this summer, for the rest of this year, for the rest of your life, know that every accomplishment starts with the decision to at least try, because as Confucius once said (Cliché quote alert): “Every journey starts with a single step.”

 Good luck and Follow Your Bliss!

 What are goals for this summer and what are you doing to stay motivated/what obstacles are keeping you from attaining them?

Feel free to leave a response in the comments below, I love receiving feedback:)